Story Behind Sugar High Collection…

Hi, I’m Chelsea 

In 2018 I began to make Laser Cut Stud Earrings, I sold them in my retail store Eco Living and Gifts. I loved designing them and seeing them come to life from my design programs to wearing them. I got busy with business and had to push them aside. At the start of 2021 someone who was close to me approached me to help with their graphic design work, website and social media channels. We worked together and they inspired me to start making my earrings again. As their business grew and things in life changed I decided to rebrand my earrings and launch Sugar High Collection. I love creating and using my design skills to work on projects that aren’t just online or paper. I still work in my retail store and behind the scenes I am creating. In the 10+ years of being a graphic designer I am so lucky to have worked with some amazing people on all kinds of jobs. Every client inspires me to push a little more and continue to grow. I’m a very plain jane kind of girl when it comes to fashion and accessories and making earrings with bright colours and designs gets me excited again. My goal is to grow the business beyond just earrings, so come along for the ride and watch Sugar High Collection take off!

In 2022 I moved my retail business into a new shop and took over a local business called Zali Girl. Some of you might know Zali Girl for their birthday parties, workshops and their amazing bows. I have kept the store as is, just relaunching it with our name ‘Sugar High Collection’. I have also moved my Eco Living and Gifts business into the store so now I can cater for not only the kids but also the mums. I am so lucky to have been giving this opportunity from Brooke and Zali who created such an amazing business formally known as Zali Girl. Come in store and check out the NEW Sugar High Collection!

In 2023 we made the hard decision to move our business online and close our retail store. After giving birth to my second child (2 under 2) I just didn’t have the time to give the business 110%. I love doing what I do and I just wasn’t ready to give it up so I moved the business online where we continue to post Australia Wide. I also do local deliveries around town as well as offer a click + collect system. I am proud to say our business has grown beyond just earrings which was one of my main goals and I am proud of where we have come. Being a mum of 2 and still being able to work on my passion is all I can ask for xx


About me

I’m a graphic designer of 10+ years, Retail business owner for 8+ years, I'm a mum of 2 beautiful children (2 under 2). I’m a family girl who loves adventures. You can find me out and about in summer with a good coffee and surrounded by family and friends!